Chuña Elegance
This is one of the many animals that live where i live! In the yungas of NW Argentina. Although, this terrestrial bird looks elegant in the photo, most of the time they are goofy and let out a belting laugh like song that never fails to crack me up. Their creeping walk and corner of the eye stare is sets them apart from the others.





Nadia is an artist working with a variety of materials out of her farm based workshop in Argentina. Her passion for wood as a ‘soft’ natural material started when working as a carpenter on residences and tree houses in the United States. Relocated to Argentina, she started exploring local sustainably logged wood for making furniture and art.  Along with that she is a stained glass artist and has created custom made stained glass pieces and installations in Argentina, The United States, Europe and Sri Lanka. She also designed and built Villa Monte Reserve which she runs with her husband and two children.