Nadia Khan Gallery

Vitraux y Muebles Personalizado / Custom Stained Glass & Furniture

October 2011 Residential Installation Estancia de Cafayate



December 09  Red & Blue Rietveld Chair


Following the original dimensions and colors of Gerit Rietveld’s Red & Blue chair, I was commissioned to replicate this early 20th century design for the owners of Art Deco Gallery Salta, Argentina.  Rietveld’s design is considered one of the first explorations of the De Stijl art movement and the colors of red, blue, black and yellow resemble the paintings of Mondrian.

The construction consists of 17 individual pieces assembled without nails or screws using dowel joinery and 5 layers of lacquered paint.  For the month of December the chair was on display at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneó in Salta, Argentina.


November 09  Casa Ko Installation

img_0080.JPG         img_0073.JPG

Casa Ko hostal and refuge is a place of tranquility surrounded by the majestic volcanoes Osorno, Calbuco and Puntiagudo, near Puerto Varas, Chile.  I spent a few days with friends in this inspiring and cozy environment surrounded by great food, conversation and spectacular views.  An interior door of the hostel is where the stained glass was born.

To learn more about Casa Ko including their “Artists in Residency” program:


 September 09  Restaurant Colorado Installation

 installcolorado13.jpg     installcolorado.jpg

This custom made site specific piece was created for the interior dining space of the restaurant Colorado in Cafayate, Argentina.  Based on input from the owners and their love of blue, a rendering was generated to illustrate composition and color.   The space contains natural earth tones of stone and plaster along with rosé and burgundy highlights.   I imagined that a spiral motif using mostly blue tones would draw ones eye into the piece, the space and the wonderful dining experience this restaurant has to offer.



July 09   Glass in Cafayate


Cafayate is a town located in the Valle Calchaquíes in the province of Salta, Argentina.  Not only is landscape stunning, it is home to much of the wine that is produced for the country and beyond.  I am displaying a stained glass with a “salteño” motif  in the restaurant Colorado and  working on a permanent piece for the dining room.  The stained glass on display compliments the already unique and cozy atmoshpere.   What brought me to the restaurant initially was the menu!  It is not often that you see a choice of micro brews and a delicious Thai curry in Salta!!  You can check out the restaurant and more at


May 09   El Castillo, San Lorenzo


Restoring old antique wooden frames and placing bright colored, textured, sparkling glass creates a beautiful union….old & new…an ancient art with a modern design placed in a frame made with great craftsmanship…

El Castillo, located at the foot of the Quebrada in San Lorenzo is a 19th Century castle which has been transformed into a hotel and restaurant.    The owner of the castle approached me one day with an original frame of the castillo and asked me to create a stained glass for his private apartment in the castle.  The nine panel frame made of local hardwoods was restored and an abtract desgin bordered by a more traditional pattern was installed.  It is now displayed in the restaurant of the castle with a light box.


 April 09    Exhibition Argentina



7 C             ART
100 K        PEOPLE
10 Tbs.      MUSIC
? Bottles     VINO
12 Doz.     EMPANADAS


Saturday night’s exhibition, in Salta Argentina, was fantastic!  From clothing designers to tango dancers, the colorful crowd of people accompanied the colorful glasswork beautifully.   Nadia’s work received great reviews along with changing traditional preconceptions about stained glass.  Many people referred to the cathedrals, where they have mainly seen this remarkable art.  The collection was a blend of abstract and traditional designs, which carried themes of movement, travel and the landscapes of Argentina. Nadia broke away from the traditional idea of a fixed stained glass window to  “illuminated wall art”.   Using opalescent and cathedral glass to fill antique and steel frames she fused the old and new.  Intrigued by the “chameleon-like” characteristics of colored glass, she manipulated the interaction of light and glass to bring the colors and textures to life.