The sound of summer, the sound of the cicada or the chicharra as they are called here in Argentina. They are among the loudest of all insects. So much so that one can almost not have a conversation once the sun goes down and they start their mating call. A cicada spends the first part of its life underground feeding off of tree roots. Depending on the type of cicada this can be anywhere between 2 and 17 years! They then emerge from the ground and begin a short lived mating period in comparison to their subterranean stage.

The arrangements I created are comprised of wings gathered from dead cicadas. The wings are like transparent tissue paper perfectly partitioned creating an almost stained glass effect! It’s no wonder these almost fantastical insects have shown up in literature since the works of Homer’s Illiad as well as in folklore and mythologies from around the world. In Chinese tradition they symbolize immortality and rebirth. Much respect for nature’s fine art.



One after the other I stumble upon these works of art varying completely in style and composition. When the river grows after a big rain it carries these rocks and shuffles them randomly along the river beds. So much more beautiful because they are together and they are different. This holds true for us as well…

This is a video showing the creation and installation of one of my window films. Brighten up the atmosphere of your habitat with colors, patterns and custom designs! Provide privacy, insulation and UV protection for your bathroom windows, door sidelights, transom windows or any other window! Compared to stained glass these window films allow for any design, are affordable and can be easily installed and changed.


Relative of the cinnamon tree and part of the lauraceae or laurel family, these are leaves from a, cinnamomum porphyrium. This is one of 250 known species in this family! I scooped this foliage out as they were floating down the ‘arroyo Griton’ just bordering our land.



I wander through the trails where plants grow from above and below. Trees entangled in assorted shades of green. Backlit by the sun’s rays, I stumble upon an epiphytic fern with its leaves standing bright and poised. I get a closer look and the intricate pattern reveals itself. Its name, Microgramma mortoniana. Its beauty, Byzantine.





Often, my kids spark the creativity in me. With such a pure and free approach to anything that they do, I follow their lead like a student. They remind me of how limited and structured we become as we feel the pressure to fit the mold of what is expected. Which, reminds me of how important it is to nurture their innate behavior where imagination and curiosity thrive. May we give them the space to challenge assumptions, maintain diversity of thought over conformity and learn through experimentation….And may we follow their lead.

Together with my kids we decorated the barcos to give them ‘life’!