The Chuña (FREE 3D flip book)

Due to the current situation I have decided to offer a FREE 3D digital flip book of THE CHUÑA. If you are having difficulties viewing you can download and view as a PDF. 

Our need for connectivity with nature resonates even stronger now. It confirms that we are part of nature not just looking at it from a distance.

It’s a jungle out there, tucked away in the foothills of the Andes. One of South America’s largest terrestrial birds has jumped onto the roof of a house! It’s a curious behavior as we truly don’t know why he does this. We can come up with many scenarios.Why do you think the chuña does this? Let’s look at animals in their natural habitat and take pleasure in the wonder, mystery, and fascination of nature in its pure form. This is just one of the many animals that live in the yungas of Argentina! Check out Tales From The Yungas to see more.

TALES FROM THE YUNGAS consists of three picture books about animals either unknown and/or at risk of endangerment found in the northwest region of Argentina, known as the yungas. The books are written with an emphasis on the observation of animals in their natural habitat. All three informative books are enveloped by a story to engage the reader, whilst learning about a particular animal. The stories give first hand encounters of children living in close proximity with the wildlife surrounding them and include back matter and tips on observing animals in the wild.

The first book, THE CHUÑA, is based on a true story that occurred during a drought on our private nature reserve in the subtropical region of Argentina. It was observed that some animals were showing strange behavior. The intention with the book is to raise awareness about unknown animals and their habitat, transmit comfort in not always knowing why animals do what they do and excite the reader to come up with their own scenarios. Within the arrangement of the story lies factual information and mere observation. This allows the reader to take pleasure in the wonder, mystery, and fascination of nature in its pure form.


• Introduce a region in Northwest Argentina and the animals that inhabit the area.

• Support curiosity, understanding, exploration and respect of all living things, alleviating fear of these animals.

• Teach techniques to observe animals in the wild encouraging children to be in nature which can provide them with opportunities that transcend language, gender, race, religion, nationality…

• Show that we humans are part of nature, not separate.

• Transmit a sense of calmness in our over stimulated society.

• Introduce foreign language (bilingual English/Spanish).


Below, a recording of the chuña’s beautiful song.

Some say that the chuñas let out their ‘laugh like’ song when the weather is about to change and to mark their territory.