Glass Installation

Last week I installed a stained glass in the side entrance of a restored farmhouse, La Rovira Nova, located just up the hill from my house in Santa Eulalia de Riuprimer. It took three of us to lift her into place!

I worked together with the home owners to come up with this design and color palette. It’s such a cool process to create a piece of art for a specific location. I like to call it  architectural art, where the piece of art also has a function to let light in but give privacy as well. This home beautifully combines stone, wood, metal, and now colored glass with lead.

You can see in the photos that the panel has a very different look from the inside and from the outside during the day. The evening interior light will also give it an entirely different look. I will put some photos up when I take a photo at night.

Below is a series of photos to illustrate the process…