Bending Ideologies


Civilization in our era has been deeply affected by old and new ideologies. Conflicts on a national and international level, almost without exception, have ideological overtones. Ideologies may have a few advantages but many of them can lead to disastrous consequences if pushed to extremes.

Adopting strict ideologies or identities can lead to discrimination and ultimately separate us. Resulting in an angry, fearful, and intolerant society. In order for collaboration to occur our ideological frameworks need to make space, to bend. 

As a traditionally trained stained glass artist, this work is a play on traditional stained glass technique, which is normally held together by lead and associated with religion almost exclusively throughout its history. The absence of lead allows a flexibility in design and a lightness. Glass, and its transformational quality with the changes in light and it being neither solid nor liquid, is the perfect medium to explore ideological malleability. 

Camí de Vida October 2022, Santa Eulalia de Riuprimer, Barcelona