Test samples from the glass fusing course I have been taking for the past month in Barcelona. Just touching the surface of the many possibilities with this new technique. Very excited, stay tuned for new projects!

Mirrored glass and plywood

We are not in this natural world; we are of it. Our connection with nature is not one of separation but of inseparable reflection. Our fragility and our future are inextricably linked.

The mirror you see before you is cut into the actual shape of Nadia’s body. She transposes herself into the glass as a way to further deepen her link with the natural world. She invites you to contemplate your point of convergence within the world around you — a nexus of your own.


I am continually exploring the connection of humans with nature. One of the ways is looking at the interaction between nature and the structures we are building to live and work in. 

Transitionary lines, where outdoor meets indoor. Nature infiltrating or reclaiming its territory,  reconnecting humans with nature, reflecting on their own relationship with the spaces they inhabit and the natural world that surrounds them.  Humans ARE Nature.

For humans, order is a prerequisite of survival; therefore the impulse to produce orderly arrangements is inherent by evolution. Although, over time these arrangements entropie into their inevitable transformation and breakdown back to nature. 

Kminart May-October 2022, Ripoll, Catalonia

Last month we were cleaning out an old building that we are about to renovate. Tucked away in the corner of one of the rooms lay a large and dusty black and white photograph. A landscape photo of a small village tucked away in the snow capped mountains. I have no idea where this village is or was or who the photographer is. It is most likely in the Spanish or French Pyrenees.




Reflections on the natural world and human experience, the basis of our relation to ourselves and others on a cellular level; the basis of all life. Cells have memory, even if your  mind has forgotten.


The spheres, representing human cells ephemerally expand and collapse. They call for close viewing and physical awareness, while acknowledging the forces, both interior and exterior, that lie beyond our understanding or control. 

Last week I installed a stained glass in the side entrance of a restored farmhouse, La Rovira Nova, located just up the hill from my house in Santa Eulalia de Riuprimer. It took three of us to lift her into place!

I worked together with the home owners to come up with this design and color palette. It’s such a cool process to create a piece of art for a specific location. I like to call it  architectural art, where the piece of art also has a function to let light in but give privacy as well. This home beautifully combines stone, wood, metal, and now colored glass with lead.

You can see in the photos that the panel has a very different look from the inside and from the outside during the day. The evening interior light will also give it an entirely different look. I will put some photos up when I take a photo at night.

Below is a series of photos to illustrate the process…


Just received a fantastic review of my book by Tonja Decker from Bookworm for Kids.

“Today’s book steps back from the busy life of computers, cell phones, and video games, and takes readers into nature… “

“…While the listener/reader learns more about this creature, there are other great messages in these pages…”

-Tonja Decker Bookworm for Kids

Click here to read the entire review of my book, THE CHUÑA!

Loving the grey tones that surround S E A S O N S the month of January. Over time it has become even more integrated into the natural landscape. Below you can see what a different look it has accompanied by the Winter greyness.

                                   Winter                                                              Autumn